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Fredericton’s Business Lawyers for All Aspects of Your Business

The world of business law is full of complex issues, such as securities, corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions, and more. Peters Rouse offers reliable business lawyers in Fredericton who can help you throughout your business life cycle, from the creation of a company to its transmission. Whether you are planning to set up a proprietorship business, general partnership (GP), LLP, or a corporation, we are here to help you make cost-effective choices. You can also rely on us to assist you during acquisitions or financing transactions and represent you if any dispute arises. A few other areas in which our lawyers can help your business are:

Our lawyers will ensure all legal aspects of your business are secure.

Get Peace of Mind with the Help of Our Business Lawyer

When you are planning to start a business, our lawyers will analyze all the major aspects and provide you with the best possible legal solutions. Our lawyers can help you with partnership agreements and create corporate share capital structures. Besides structuring your business effectively, we will also update your corporate book periodically. You can count on our lawyers to help you draft and negotiate various transactions, such as:


Purchase or sale of shares

Purchase or sale of assets

Financing agreements

Lease agreements

Employment contracts

Agreements unique to each field

Creation of trusts

Specialized Legal Counsel for Your Business


If your business needs an external legal department, contact us. We provide such specialized legal counsel only to companies that have an internal legal department. Our team practices law in various fields, such as civil and commercial litigation. We can represent you before the court, both in the judicial districts of Laval and Montreal and also the whole of Quebec.


You can also rely on our tax litigation department to assist and advise you in case of any tax dispute involving your business and the tax authorities of Canada and New Brunswick. Our lawyers will work with your accounting department to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Book Your Legal Consultation

Get in touch with us to schedule your initial consultation with our business lawyers.

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