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Resolving Family Disputes since 1995 in New Brunswick


Marriage and divorce are pivotal points in the life of an individual, with emotions running high. Peters Rouse can help you prevent unnecessary conflict by accepting your part of the dispute and finding the best path forward. Since 1995, we have been resolving family disputes and helping you with preparing appeals throughout New Brunswick.


Establishing spousal and child support, determining visitation rights and custody, and dividing marital assets and debts, are some of the concerns our lawyers can help you with. Call us today for a consultation.

We Help You Create a Healthy New Structure for Your Family

Our lawyers have experience in handling different family law issues, including:


Child custody and access

Child support

Separation agreements

Division of property and debts

Child protection

Spousal support




Youth protection hearings


Frequently Asked Questions about Family Law

Q: Why must a common-law spouse pay financial compensation to his ex?

A: Unlike married couples, common-law spouses do not have a legislative right to the division of property accumulated during the relationship. We can help you determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation or if your spouse may have a claim to financial compensation following the breakdown of your relationship.

Q: What to do if your ex-spouse abuses legal proceedings against you?

A: The court will determine whether one party is acting improperly. There are various sanctions available, including fines, a finding of contempt, or jail time in the most serious of cases.

Q: What are the legal procedures for child custody and child support?

A: There are several processes available to you upon the breakdown of your relationship. For both child custody and child support, you may choose the litigation process or one of the alternative dispute methods available to you. We encourage parties to resolve the issues stemming from the breakdown of their marriage outside the court process, if possible, and can discuss with you the right process for you and your family.

Q: Should child support be paid for an adult child?

A: In some circumstances, child support can cease once the child reaches the age of majority. Child support can also be payable beyond the age of majority. We will assess the circumstances in your case in order to advise whether support for your adult child is payable.

Q: Can a request be made to cancel or modify spousal support?

A: It is possible to vary an existing spousal support order. To determine whether this is possible in your case, we will review your existing agreement or court order, consider the specific terms and circumstances of your case, and assess whether you or your spouse have grounds to vary the spousal support paid or received.

Q: What are the legal criteria to determine whether adults may receive allowance from their parents to study?

A: In determining a parent’s contribution towards expenses, including post-secondary education, we refer to section 7 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Adult children may be required to contribute to their own expenses. Each case is unique.

Q: How much child support is supposed to be paid?

A: Child support payments vary from one situation to the next. We will refer to the Federal Child Support Guidelines in assessing the child support payable in your case, with a focus on the incomes of the payer and recipient, the parenting arrangements, and other circumstances that may alter the support figures.

We Resolve Family Law Cases

When you visit our office, we will help you resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

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