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We Offer a Practical Approach to Litigation Matters in New Brunswick

Whether you are in the corporate world or need help with personal litigation matters in New Brunswick, the lawyers at Peters Rouse can help. For all your financial and operational matters, we are here to help you make practical and cost-effective decisions.

We respond to conflict with a customized and practical approach that will help your organization move forward. In every step of the dispute resolution process, we prioritize efficiency, value, and predictability, and try to minimize risk. Our lawyers represent various clients, such as:



Multinational corporations

Private enterprises



In a globalized world, our clients trust us to represent them in international arbitration and a range of cross-border disputes, many of which risk serious reputational and economic damage. For all your queries, call our friendly and experienced team. We are happy to help you!

Get Proactive Advice for Your Legal Concerns

We do our best to provide you with the right legal options to create a clear path ahead for your business.

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