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We Can Handle Estate Law Disputes in New Brunswick

Wills and estates planning is a legal measure to dictate how your estate, businesses, assets, and entities should be handled after your passing. We understand that the transfer of significant wealth between generations, before and after the death of the transferor, may lead to disputes. These disputes are complex areas of estate law, often complicated by emotions, family dynamics, and feelings of grief. Our lawyers are experienced to handle all aspects of these estate law disputes throughout New Brunswick. Schedule an initial consultation with our team.

We Resolve Disputes before Death

Our lawyers help clients resolve a wide range of disputes before death, such as:


Claims respecting the use of powers of attorney

The validity of trust planning

The validity of powers of attorney

Joint tenancy and co-tenancy transfers

The validity of beneficiary designations

Loss of capacity issues

We also help our clients recover their assets if they have been financially abused.

How We Can Help Beneficiaries after Death

Peters Rouse can also help in resolving disputes after death, such as:


Helping beneficiaries or intestate heirs with variations to wills or dependants’ relief claims

Challenges to wills and trusts

Helping beneficiaries deal with problem executors or trustees to ensure there is no breach of trust

Rely on our estate lawyers to advise and represent executors, administrators, and trustees in case of disputes arising from the administration of an estate or a trust.

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